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#WeArePAPERPASTE Consolidates Itself at the ISPO Munich 2022

19 December 2022

Last November, we were present at the ISPO Munich, the largest trade fair for the world of sports. It was a successful restart after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, which resulted in a large influx of sports, outdoor, and healthy and sustainable lifestyle enthusiasts.

The exhibitors themselves were incredibly enthusiastic about the outcome of the fair, us included. The latest trends that were presented were very well received by an audience eager to fully get back to their normal sports activities, especially winter sports.

This year, the industry trends have focused on sustainability and how the sports community is tackling the fight against climate change, the adaption of brands to the current and future needs of women in sport, and the role of sport in society, especially the need for exercise among the elderly to improve their living conditions.

The great achievement of the #WeArePAPERPASTE concept

Pasqual Arnella has been present through a stand and its conceptual exhibition #WeArePAPERPASTE, where we have explained what this concept consists of, so that the public could quickly understand what we do and how, from the raw material all the way to the final product.

At the stand, we displayed the raw material, recycled paper and cardboard, in large glass vases. Next to it, we exhibited our top-selling mannequins for sports brands: Gento, Valira and Aran, which allowed us to draw an imaginary line from the origin to the final result of the #WeArePAPERPASTE concept.

The people who came to our booth were able to touch and interact with the material, allowing them to feel its texture and lightness. The reactions were very positive, as they were impressed by the hardness of the resulting product, how lightweight it is and the simplicity and purity of the material.

This experience helped to break down some preconceived notions about paper and the products made with its derivatives. Our mannequins, taking into account that they are made of paperpaste, are durable and easy to handle, resistant and suitable for all different projects.

In addition, the material used to assemble the booth was also 100% recyclable, since it consisted of honeycomb paper. Its minimalist style fit very well into our concept and philosophy: pure, natural and sustainable.

Our collaboration with the ISPO Award

Just like in previous trade shows, this year we have also collaborated with the ISPO Award, which are given out during the event and reward the most outstanding products and services in the sports industry.

Our mannequins were used to display the selected clothing and accessories from award-winning brands, which in turn has sparked interest in our paperpaste mannequins among those were present, as many brands are seeking more sustainable options for their visual display.

At the end of the event, the feedback obtained was very positive. The professional attendees especially valued the ability to exhibit collections in a more sustainable way. Interest was also sparked in custom projects, since our mannequins can be customised in different ways, ranging from simply adding the brand logo, to the manufacture of 100% personalised models and shapes. The third most valued aspect has been the fact that it is a European-made product, specifically in Barcelona. In short, we are immensely grateful for the success and enthusiastic response our recycled paperpaste mannequins have received!

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Pasqual Arnella
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