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Why are we #Paperpaste?

7 April 2022

Pasqual Arnella, a family owned business, was founded in Barcelona in 1892 and manufactured the popular papier-mâché horses. Does that sound familiar?

Papier-mâché is an ancient technique that originated in China, India and Persia. Decorative objects were created from a paper paste made by crushing the paper – hence its French name, papier mâché.

But almost 80 years and countless rocking horses later, in 1970 the sector looks quite different. New materials have been incorporated, such as plastic, which became very popular in decoration due to its bright colours and the versatility of its shapes — just think of the Panton chair, created in 1967, which is still a benchmark in decoration and design. The first electromechanical toys, such as Meccano, Telesketch and Cinexin, also hit the Spanish market. Our beloved papier-mâché horses are starting to be relegated to the background.

But Pasqual Arnella’s historical experience in the papier-mâché sector is still an advantage. The company invests in new production methods and systems, as it is able to detect and even create new applications for paper paste, expanding into sectors such as fashion and culture. This is how our current paper paste mannequins were born.

From that moment on, we developed an exclusive system that has allowed us to produce high quality papier-mâché models and figures at very competitive prices, and thanks to which we have grown and become a benchmark in the manufacture of products for handicrafts, displays and commercial decoration.

We have maintained continuity from our origins over 130 years, but what defines us now is much more.

We care about the origin of our Paperpaste

The material used to manufacture our products is paper paste, a material that is particularly characterised by its sustainability. We purchase this raw material from publishers and authorised paper recovery plants, and we then grind it in a pulper to obtain paper paste or cellulose paste. This base mix is organic, recyclable and biodegradable.

The global industrial sector is changing and demands that companies are truly sustainable in all aspects. Some eco-friendly materials stray from true sustainability by producing unfriendly by-products during the manufacturing process or by affecting the environment, including the community.

This is why we carefully manage every single process, so that our paper paste is sustainable in terms of the material itself, but also at all levels (procurement, production, treatment and disposal).

Our mission is to offer products that are truly sustainable, not just look like it.

Paperpaste is our essence

In addition to its sustainability, our paper paste is characterised by its lightness, natural surface and warm feel. These qualities allow us to develop the most sustainable and unique collections of mannequins and display stands on the market.

As our product range gradually expands into other sectors such as furniture/decoration and exclusive packaging, we realise the substantial value of paper paste and the authenticity of what we do. As we say, “Shaping nature, moulding future”.

Paperpaste is our future

Sustainability is not a trend. It is the starting point for every decision we make and every step we take. It is a way of doing things that we have deeply integrated into our processes and that we are constantly working on and improving.

The products we make from paper paste, such a simple, pure and versatile material, are the results of our technology combined with the hard work and dedication of more than four generations. A material full of history that leads us towards a more sustainable future.


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Pasqual Arnella
PASQUAL ARNELLA S.L. en el marco del Programa ICEX Next, ha contado con el apoyo de ICEX y con la cofinanciación del fondo europeo FEDER. La finalidad de este apoyo es contribuir al desarrollo internacional de la empresa y de su entorno.

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