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Which are the advantages of paperpaste products?

Beyond the sustainability, paper paste products are light and easy to customize, its natural surface and warm touch integrate to any environment.

Which is the process to customise a mannequin?

Master聽or original sculpture:

  • We need it to make the mould, can be supplied by the client or we can sculpt/3D print it following your needs

Mould building and test:

  • This phase is the most important since will be decisive for the success of the prototypes and its production.


  • Once the mould is done, we are ready to use it through our machinery and reproduce the serials.



What is the durability of the paper paste products?

The handling is very important to extend its lifespan but most of the brands we work for are using our mannequins between 3 and 5 years.

Which materials do we use to get the paper pulp and its resulting products?

We recycle paper and cardboard to get the paper pulp and we use wood and metal for specific pieces like baseplates or adoptions.


Are there other brands that develop busts and paper paste mannequins?

We are the only company in the market that develops this type of products with paper pulp. Other manikin firms develop collections with a similar surface finish or try to imitate paper pulp, but the interior of the product remains fiberglass or plastic.

How can I get rid of the paper paste products?

Just remove the metal and wood parts and dispose the rest on the recycling paper bin, easy!

What is the Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD)?

To give you an idea, for a standard torso with arms we need around 4 weeks to develop the moulds聽and 4 weeks more to produce 100 pcs.

Do we have stock of our items?

Yes, we always have a minimum stock for most of the products to be assembled, painted and packed quickly and solve any urgency of our customers.

Where do we manufacture our products?

All our products are manufactured in our factory in Barcelona, Castellar del Vall猫s, where you are always welcome 馃檪

Further from mannequins, can we produce other type of items?

Yes, in fact we produce handicrafts, special packaging as well as funeral biodegradable urns.

What is the difference between the dyed and the painted finishings?

  • For the dyed one the colour is in the mixture, so both the inner and the outer part are coloured, keeping its eco-friendly features. However we cannot get a specific colour, only tonalities.
  • For the painted products we use water-based paints and we can get any RAL/NCS colour. The final product is still sustainable but not biodegradable.

What about the transport and its costs?

Once we get your PO we can let you know an idea of the transport costs in advance, then you can choose using your forwarder or ours, we can ship worldwide.

How is our customer service?

Fast, for any matter, for any time zone. Response time is 24 hours tops.

Attending you in different lenguages:聽Spanish, English, Catalan, French and korean.

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Pasqual Arnella
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