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In Pasqual Arnella we recycle paper, cardboard and newspapers that are composed of cellulose, a natural renewable resource.
We collect the raw material from certified waste recovering plants and newspapers publishers, then we crush them in a pulper to make the cellulose pulp or, as we call it, paperpaste. This base mix, that doesn’t contain glues or toxic substances, is completely recyclable and biodegradable.
Depending on the production needs, we may use water based and organic additives, below 5% of the mix. Once the mix is done we use a vacuum system to inject it to our moulds, that way we give shape to our products.
The last phase is the drying, that normally we do naturally outdoors.




Our base products are recyclable and biodegradable. Depending on customers’ needs we can vanish them with water based paints or can be assembled with other non-petro-based materials, like metal or wood, that way we get the final product.
Taking into account the material, the lifespan of paper paste articles is great. They are strong and really light, which allows us to pack them more efficiently and reduce CO2 emissions due to transport. If high pressure is applied on the surface it could be slightly dented, but notbroken.
Our customers can dispose easily our products, most of our metal or wood accessories are easily removable and the paper paste can be thrown to the recycling paper/cardboard bin.




We use electric and air compressed low consume machines, which are able to work with closed water circuits.
Our mannequins are packed according to our values, zero plastic; from the cotton bag to wrap them to the paper seal for shipping our boxes.
We work with a Zero Km policy, most of our suppliers (up to 90%) are based in our industrial area, region or country.


Here our corporate video explaining our products and process.

You can watch the long version of this video with interview here:

Martí and Ramon Pascual

Download our Sustainability Report:
Sustainability Report -PASQUAL ARNELLA Mannequins
Pasqual Arnella
PASQUAL ARNELLA S.L. ha sido beneficiaria del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional cuyo objetivo es conseguir un tejido empresarial más competitivo, y gracias al que ha desarrollado un Plan de internacionalización para fomentar su internacionalización durante el periodo 2018-2019. Para ello ha contado con el apoyo del Programa Xpande de la Cámara de Comercio de Sabadell
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Pasqual Arnella

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