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Pasqual Arnella has its own collection of bust forms and torsos, but we are specialized in developing customized designs. Our purpose is to provide the perfect solution for a better in-store communication.

We take care of sculpting, moulding and manufacturing, ensuring an accurate follow-up of every project to get the perfect interaction with your brand.


by Pasqual Arnella
The North Face Invisible torsos

Invisible torsos made 100% of paperpaste with black metal baseplate for The North Face Iberia stores.

Ternua Torsos and leg forms

Invisible torsos and legs for hanging. ISPO Munich 2018. 100% made out of paperpaste.

Ternua Customized foot displays with branding

Foot mannequin forms for display their collections. More than 200 pieces in natural colour and with Lorpen Logotype in one side.

MANGO Visual merchandising props

Giant Ionic column of 3 meters height, painted with the effect of natural light degradation/oxidation.

MANGO Visual merchandising props

Giant Tennis balls developed to be used as mannequin head in their shop windows

CECIL Invisible torsos with metal baseplate

Invisible torsos made 100% of paperpaste with metal baseplate.

Comma Invisible hanging torsos

Invisible torsos made 100% of paperpaste with holes for hanging.

Jack Wolfskin Invisible hanging torsos

Invisible torsos made 100% of paperpaste with holes for hanging.

Tous Giant hearts for visual merchandising

Giant hearts for Saint Valentin 2014 Global Campaign. More than 500 hearts from 10 to 180 cm. DPS Production was in charge of this project and the whole production was […]

Coolcasc Customized head-helmet display with branding

Customized head with a helmet sculpted for the Spanish brand Coolcasc to display in a perfectly clear way their amazing helmet covers. All in Anthracite dyed colour with logotype in […] Fabric covered bust forms

Fabric covered bust forms. Full of colour covers: linen, leather, snake skin, etc.

Value retail Frames for shop windows

Paperpaste frames for shop windows of all the European Value Retail Luxury villages with the presence of stores of well-known brands like Loewe, Pepe Jeans, G-Star, Replay or Levi Strauss. […]

Value Retail Wooden podiums for visual merchandising

Wooden spool podiums delivered around Europe in all Value Retail villages. More than 1000 podiums in three different sizes. Due the material and size, the podiums were stackable and this […]

Value Retail Tree trunks for visual merchandising

Paperpaste tree trunks for all the villages around Europe. More than 1.000 trunks in three different models of 25, 50 and 75 cm, hand painted to get a real tree […]

Inuheat Visual merchandising

Foot displays, bust forms and hands for their booth at the fair ISPO Munich 2018. 100% made out of paperpaste with Inuheat logotype printed.

Haglöfs Faceless head display

Faceless heads to display Haglöfs headwear in the most sustainable way. Anthracite dyed colour combines perfect with their style and offers a totally natural look.

Original Buff Customized head display with branding

Customized head display for the multinational brand of headwear Original Buff. Head forms to distribute worldwide, made out of paperpaste and 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Three different models, sculpted for […]

Ben Sherman Bust form with Union Jack flag

Customized bust form with Union Jack flag embossed. Entirely made out of paperpaste, we manufactured more than 200 bust forms for distribution in Australia.

Pasqual Arnella
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Pasqual Arnella

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