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Fashion Revolution Week!

24 April 2020

The movement “Who Made My Clothes” in relation with the campaign Fashion Revolution was started by Orsola de Castro and Carry Somers after the collapse of the Rana Plaza building 7 years ago. This terrible incident that killed 1138 people and injured many more than 2000 people on 24th April 2013 in Bangladesh, exposed the terrible consequences of the fast fashion industry.

That was the day when Fashion Revolution campaign born. During this week (April 20th-26th), brands and producers are encouraged to use the hashtag #imadeyourclothes in their posts to demonstrate the transparency in their supply chain.

From Pasqual Arnella we want to express all our support to the organisation Fashion Revolution who is working in order to end with the exploitation in the fashion industry ❤️ And we are very happy to help brands and distributors go one step further towards transparency and sustainability, giving them the opportunity to display their collection in a 100% sustainable way. ♻️ 🌍

#WhoMadeMyClothes  #IMadeYourClothes #FashionRevolution

Pasqual Arnella
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Pasqual Arnella

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