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Green Product Award recognises our sustainable mannequins!

16 May 2024

What can we say? Our mannequins have been awarded the Green Product Award 2024, in the Workspace category. Every year, the award distinguishes products that stand out for their design, innovation and sustainability, which are three concepts that we always try to reflect in all our creations.

This year there was a record number of entries, with 1,500 entries from 60 countries competing for the awards, highlighting the growing importance of sustainable products and materials in various fields. The ceremony took place on 30 April at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

About our mannequins, the jury stated that “The entry (paperpaste mannequins) provides an innovative use for waste paper in the creative industries in the form of mannequins for the fashion industry. Fashion and apparel need to make significant changes in sustainability to address major waste, water and social issues in the sector. This entry provides a solid example of a new way of thinking.”

Besides receiving the award, Pasqual Arnella has contributed to a special collaboration. The Green Product Award annually collaborates with winners or nominees of the previous year to create the trophy, a unique tradition that reflects the spirit of its community. This year, the trophy was created in collaboration with Pasqual Arnella, Paper Paste Living, Honext and Retail Monkeys.

We are Paperpaste.

The essence of our product is the innovative use of waste paper, the jury pointed out. As you may already know, papier-mâché has a long history as one of the first methods used in paper decoration. Even Pasqual Arnella used this technique to make rocking horses, but today you may wonder what makes our ‘Paperpaste’ so special and innovative.

Although papier-mâché has been for a long time the identity of our company, it is our patented moulding technology that has enabled us to achieve what we have today. This technique gives paper pulp a unique texture and durability that is a little different from traditional methods and allows us to produce and develop a wide range of products, from mannequins and torsos to displays, packaging and home décor.

In addition, we strive to make paper paste products more environmentally friendly by integrating traditional practices with modern technology. For example, we improve transparency in the supply of our raw materials, optimise the use of resources in production and reduce both environmental impact and waste. Moreover, we prioritise sustainable approaches in packaging and delivering our products to customers.

The most sustainable ever, Paperpaste Mannequins.

Currently, our production includes six different models of full-body mannequins, but it has been a challenging journey and has involved significant steps.

The first presentation of our full-body mannequin was at ISPO Munich 2019. Our partner, John Penther, organised a space for us to showcase our products, so we were able to present our first prototype of a full-body mannequin using the Etna model from his collection. The first release at this trade show was a success, and since then, we have worked together on several projects to complete the current mannequin collections.

Do you want to know more about our sustainable mannequins? We invite you to have a look at our catalogue!

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