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Pasqual Arnella and Paper Paste Living: The evolution of paperpaste

2 May 2023

The need to manufacture and consume more sustainable products has led many companies to seek less polluting alternatives for the raw materials. Sometimes, however, it is not necessary to innovate drastically, but simply to return to the use of more natural materials such as wood, cotton or hemp.

This is the case of the recycled paper pulp that we have been using at Pasqual Arnella to make our products since 1892. This is the same hand-crafted material that we used over a century ago to make the well-known papier-mâché rocking horses.

Papier-mâché becomes paperpaste

One of the traditional ways of making papier-mâché is to form a pattern by mixing and gluing together cut pieces of paper. This is the way that we made our rocking horses when Pasqual Arnella was founded. Another method is by chewing, the literal meaning of the word mâché, meaning to make a figure by crushing paper and shaping the paste, using only recycled paper and water. This is the paperpaste that we use today, the raw material that we use to manufacture all our products.

How did paper paste, this simple mixture that has been used for so long, become unique? That’s the result of the know-how that we have accumulated over 130 years. Our paper paste does not contain any toxic substances to make it more resistant, whilst also preserving its natural texture of the paper without becoming too bumpy. This has been possible thanks to our patented system for injecting paperpaste into our moulds. In this way, the paperpaste is totally innocuous.

Thanks to this innovative paperpaste injection system that we have developed over the years, Pasqual Arnella was able to overcome the crisis of the 1970s, when handmade toys were largely replaced by plastic and electric toys. Today, we have become a reference in the manufacture of eco-friendly mannequins, decorations, urns, crafts, and furniture.

Paper Paste Living: A new concept of household items

Paper Paste Living is a furniture design house founded in 2021. The project was born from a meeting between John Penther and Hans Thyge, with the aim of creating a new concept of household items made from recycled paper inspired by the textures of nature, an inspiring fusion of Scandinavian design and sustainability.

In 2023, Paper Paste Living is honoured for its success in sustainability and design by receiving an award at the Green Product Award in the category of interior and lifestyle.

The Green Team

Martí Pascual, the fourth-generation descendant of Pasqual Arnella, met John Penther in 2009. This first meeting in Germany marked the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership, a perfect symbiosis between vision and passion that launched the first paperpaste mannequin in 2019, the most sustainable in history. In this relationship John Penther, who has always tried to find new applications for paperpaste, launched a new furniture and home decoration project: Paper Paste Living.

The result of inspiration: The Barcelona Collection

With its “Barcelona” collection, Paper Paste Living evokes heritage and memory. All the designs in the collection emphasise quality and artistic expression through their aesthetic that emphasises their small details. The collection focuses on subtle tones that symbolise the shades of the earth, establishing a deep relationship between their objects and nature. Simple geometric shapes combined with paper-based material create bespoke designs and an incredible sense of artistic expression.

You can sit and rest on the “Pouf”. It is a minimalistic seat made with Italian regenerated cotton, organic coconut fibres with natural latex, FSC certified wood, and recycled paper waste. Despite being made of paper, it is light and resistant.

Our papier-mâché rocking horses have come a long way, even beyond creating mannequins from recycled paper pulp, to participating in and inspiring household items that reconnect people and their homes with nature.

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