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Our collaboration with the ‘From Spain With Design’ project

1 September 2022

Design is an essential element in our sector, as is the case with the vast majority of our clients. Not only the design of the products themselves, but of everything that surrounds them, such as the packaging or merchandising that display the product in shops, and at fairs or events.

This has been the case of the touring exhibition FSWD, From Spain With Design, a project from READ (Spanish Network of Design Associations) that began in 2016, which aims to increase awareness of Spanish design at both a national and international level. Uqui Permui, president of READ, contacted us to propose a collaboration, as our sustainable paper paste mannequins are closely aligned with the philosophy of the project.

The FSWD exhibition comprises different spaces. Pasqual Arnella has collaborated with ‘Identity and Territory’, aiming to value not only the quality of national design and promote the initiatives of over 130 design professionals, but to bring us closer to the stories and ways of communicating that their creations transmit to us, to the identity that is formed through the relationship between the piece designed and the context in which it was created.

This space combines proposals that connect heritage, culture, natural spaces, and local identity, to create its own imaginary. For this reason, the works convey a strong sense of belonging, such as ‘Baleas’ by Jon Abad, which speaks of the sea and Basque tradition, or the parasols by Odosdesign, which connect us with the Mediterranean.

The exhibition can currently be seen at the Museum of Science and Water in Murcia until 14th September 2022, with plans to later move to Valencia and Badajoz.

The busts and mannequins of Pasqual Arnella at the FSWD

As we have mentioned, our collaboration focused on the ‘Identity and Territory’ section, for which we offered the Etna female bust, and two head displays, Faceless and Classic Unisex.

Our recycled paperpaste heads exhibited the foldable and sustainable bicycle helmets by Closca, and the Eyesynth glasses by Marcelo Alegre, which use assistive technology to allow blind people with poor vision to ‘sense the space’, using sounds.

The busts were used in the conceptual exhibition by Uqui PermuiIn Black Against Violence‘, a social action against sexist violence that emerged in Santiago de Compostela in 2015, covering shop windows, companies, schools, and town halls in black, to represent not only mourning, but the struggle and condemnation of femicides.

What can we say? We are extremely proud that our busts and mannequins are used to exhibit the innovative and committed works of designers from all over the country and contribute to promoting their excellent work.

Sources: FSWD, READ, La Vanguardia, Teresa Herrero Living, @uquipermui, @ennegrocontralasviolencias

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Pasqual Arnella
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