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New catalogue! Discover our brand-new full-body mannequins and much more

29 March 2022

New catalogue! Discover our brand-new full-body mannequins and much more

After a year of hard work, it’s finally ready to launch! Our new catalogue now includes an expanded range of products to adapt to the current and future demand of our customers.

What innovations stand out in our 2022 catalogue?

Full-body paperpaste mannequins

The main innovation of this catalogue are full-body mannequins. After more than 130 years working with paper paste, this has been particularly challenging for us, and the end product is the result of several months of research and development.

Until now, our product range has focused on busts, torsos and interior design for retail locations. However, the fashion industry had a high demand for full-body mannequins, which offer a different perspective to the outfits they exhibit.

In our new catalogue you will find the full-body models Valira (female), Gento (male) and Aran (child).

Mannequins form a connection between brand and consumer and are the main elements that expose the brand’s collections at the point of sale, meaning that they are also elements of communication of the brand’s values. Pasqual Arnella’s paperpaste mannequins not only stand out from the crowd thanks to their special characteristics in texture and finish—they also convey a message of social and environmental responsibility.

In fact, in 2021 our mannequins were finalists in the Catalonia Ecodesign Award 2021.

What other news do we have to share this year?

Although full-body mannequins are the main headline, it’s important to mention that we have incorporated new references for torsos, exhibiting heads, feet and legs.

All these additions allow us to offer a much broader range of products to better adapt to each case and offer solutions that are much more tailored to our customers’ needs.

In addition, we continue to carry out custom projects—one of our specialties—from small customisations such as adding logos or bespoke colours, to large projects involving the development of custom moulds for customers requiring unique and exclusive models.

It’s been an intense and very special year for us—we’ve not only launched a new product which we have worked on for many months, but we’ve also improved our processes, products, and corporate image. We want to continue improving and sharing these advances with our customers, collaborators and suppliers.

So, what do you think of the new catalogue? Download it today and send us your comments!

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Pasqual Arnella
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