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Beyond the looks: Our Project for MÓ

7 December 2022

Paulo Coelho said “The eyes are the mirror of the soul and reflect everything that seems to be hidden.” and it’s true. Things often go far beyond what can be perceived by the naked eye. This would be the case of our project for the brand MÓ Multiópticas, through Pabula Design, a company specialized in architectural projects, space design and visual display, among other services.

The project focused on helping them enhance their visual merchandising for the collection of eyeglasses frames that they launched last summer. In this case, they wanted not only to display the new designs in the most visually attractive way possible but also for the display itself to go above and beyond what is perceived by the unaided eye: they wanted the entire visual display around their glasses to be eco-friendly.

For this reason, they chose the high neck mannequin head by Pasqual Arnella. Our mannequins are made of 100% recycled paperpaste, their manufacturing is based on circular economy processes, and the packaging and protection for shipments also meet sustainability criteria.

More than 3,000 long neck mannequin heads

Specifically, the project consisted of manufacturing more than 3,000 mannequin heads for the brand, which have been used since September of this year to display their collections of glasses and other accessories.

A perfectly elegant head form, with elongated lines and minimalist style, without ears or features. The finish chosen in this case was a natural colour, so that the elements on display (both the glasses and other accessories) would stand out even more.

According to Pabula Design, the main criteria for choosing Pasqual Arnella’s mannequins was precisely that they were made of a 100% sustainable material, followed by the fact that it was a product made locally.

Brands, increasingly sustainable

Thus, Multiópticas takes its commitment to sustainability one step further, above its products, with an integrated strategy that meticulously plans out every last detail before launching new collections to the general public.

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding regarding the origin, manufacturing processes and materials used in the products they buy. For this reason, brands are paying more and more attention to everything surrounding their products, from the raw material to the elements that accompany the visual display, as is the case here. This is yet another example of how we are advancing towards a green future, thanks to the efforts made by both consumers and companies alike.

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Pasqual Arnella
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