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Jewellery brands Opt For Sustainable Displays

21 February 2023

Consumers are increasingly critical of the products they buy in terms of sustainability, and it is not much different for the jewellery and accessories sector. That’s why many brands started producing sustainable jewellery made with transparent and responsible raw materials that have the lowest possible impact on the environment throughout their supply chain.

But sustainability doesn’t end when jewellery reaches the point of sale. What about the presentation? It doesn’t make much sense to make a beautiful piece of jewellery that meets all the sustainable essentials such as the raw material, production process, packaging and transporting, but if they choose to use a display stand made of plastic, fibreglass or other highly polluting materials.

That’s why more and more brands, both large firms and small jewellery start-ups, are opting for our 100% recycled paperpaste displays to show off their creations. Because in addition to being a sustainable alternative, our display props contribute to improving the brand’s identity since they have a unique surface with a natural look and feel.

What are the advantages of our sustainable displays?

As we’ve mentioned, the most significant factor in our displays for accessories is that are made only from recycled paper and water. In other words, paperpaste is an organic and durable material.

At the point of sale or display, our products can be also combined with other materials, such as fabric or rope, to create unique mood in retail.

Moreover, we ourselves are the manufacturers and we control the entire process, there is no minimum order quantity and they can be made in different colours and finishes.

Collections of the perfect displays

At Pasqual Arnella, we already had a classic line of props for necklaces with simple yet elegant lines and different available finishes. It is one of our most highly requested collections.

More recently, and to adapt to the different requirements of our clients, we have launched new collections that are perfect for all kinds of pieces and spaces.

The Verona Collection, without losing its elegant and natural essence, is both understated and minimalist, which enhances the beauty and subtle details of the jewellery on display.

The jewel in the crown is our female head bust, which creates the perfect duo with the piece on display, conveying an extreme sense of elegance and sophistication.

At Pasqual Arnella we know that what’s most important is to help each brand transmit its differential value proposition, which is why we adapt to them with different collections that respond to these proposals.

Custom-made displays for TOUS and Bijou Brigitte

Our customers especially value the inimitable texture and warm feel of the paperpaste, a well-known sustainable material. Additionally, in Pasqual Arnella, we are also specialized in custom projects to create unique forms for our clients.

In the case of the brand TOUS, we created decorative stones made from white dyed paperpaste, and supplied them in combination with plants, leaves and butterflies made by die cutting paper.

For Bijou Brigitte, a project carried out with Penther Mannequins, we made a new mould “T-shaped” display stand and cones for rings and bracelets to fit the size of the brand’s products.

Do you dream of finding new forms of expression for your shop windows? Discover our catalogue of displays and contact us to chat!

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