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#GoingGreen: Pasqual Arnella has finished installing the solar energy system

25 January 2023

The current social and economic context does not appear to be the most suitable for business investments that are not strictly necessary. The environment cannot wait however, we need to achieve the European Union’s decarbonisation targets by 2050 if we want to stop climate change.

In recent months we have been more aware than ever that traditional energy production systems are not only unsustainable, but may also be insufficient to meet all market demand in the event of an unforeseen event such as the recent conflict in Ukraine. The energy supply problems have translated into an increase in both the prices of supplies and raw materials that have severely punished the industry.

As a result of this scenario of an energy crisis and climate crisis, both public and private organisations are promoting actions to fast-track the ecological transition, especially with the implementation of circular economy processes, investments in renewable and sustainable energy resources, and digitalisation. UAn example of this is the recent statement from the European Commission to support green investments that help to reduce deindustrialisation.

But, what does all this mean for an SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) like ours? Today, as we celebrate the World Environmental Education Day, we want to share with you the initiatives that we have implemented, so that they can be an inspiration for other companies, and because we believe that, whilst theory is important, it is more important to lead by example.

Pasqual Arnella’s philosophy is based on the manufacture of sustainable products, from recycled paperpaste, through circular economy and an efficient energy use. Although these concepts have been in our DNA for generations, however, we are aware that we must constantly innovate and renew ourselves to improve. Here are some of our latest projects.

Implementation of a closed water circuit

We have implemented and are using closed water circuits, which require just a minimum consumption of water to function. Small amounts of water are only required to replace losses due to air purges or other specific circumstances.

In addition to reducing water consumption, this system preserves thermal conditions far more efficiently, so less energy is required to heat or cool the water required for the process. The environmental impact is also reduced, as the closed circuits are sealed and environmental contamination through the discharge or filtration of water containing bacteria, chemical products, or any other harmful element is avoided.

Installation of solar panels

Last but not least, we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to installing solar panels that allow us to produce and self-consume energy. This was a long-term plan, but one that we wanted to accelerate due to the recent energy crisis, which is expected to continue at least into 2023.

In December, we completed the installation of 10 kW self-consumption solar panels at our factory in Castellar del Vallès (Barcelona). This installation has allowed us to reduce the cost of supplying electricity, which allows us to maintain competitive prices, whilst reducing our carbon footprint.

This has been one of the most ambitious and complex projects completed by Pasqual Arnella in the sphere of renewable energy, and one which we are especially proud of. There will certainly be more projects like this to follow!

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Pasqual Arnella
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