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26 November 2020

This November comes, once more, hand in hand with Black Friday (and Cyber Monday). A special date in the shopping calendar when a large number of companies make special sales and discounts that leads to an excessive consumerism during these days.

In the last few years, this “celebration” has spread rapidly around the world, causing an overspending in all the retail sectors.
At the beginning, Black Friday was associated with discounts especially in the technology sector, but nowadays almost all sectors have integrated it into their business strategy. This “celebration” represents an apology for consumerism that started lasting for one day, went on to a week and today many brands celebrate it even throughout the month of November.
Especially in the field for which we work, retail, Fast Fashion is one of the sectors where this type of campaign has become very popular, encouraging and excessive overconsumption which strongly attacks sustainability and fair trade.
As well as sustainable fashion (Slow Fashion) is committed to consumer responsibility, at Pasqual Arnella we also want to promote ethical and moral consumption by our customers. 

For this reason we say: on Black Friday there’s #NothingToCelebrate

What does Pasqual Arnella do on #GreenFriday? Today we share with you some ideas to re-use our products, we hope you enjoy them!

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Pasqual Arnella
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Pasqual Arnella

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