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Andy Warhol’s Textiles: An exhibition that embraces sustainability

24 July 2023

Clothing has always been much more than a functional accessory: it is a form of identity, relevance and self-affirmation. This is precisely what the exhibition “Andy Warhol: The Textiles” explores, showcasing the fascinating designs of this influential artist and icon of the Pop Art.

In his early days, Andy Warhol worked as a commercial designer and illustrator in the 1950s and early 1960s, a period that resulted in a number of unknown and virtually unpublished designs, but which are now considered an essential part of his oeuvre. In fact, many of these designs were sold anonymously at the time.

And it was a prolific production: The exhibition features more than 45 textile patterns depicting a wide variety of colourful objects: ice cream, delicious candy apples, coloured buttons, cut-up lemons, pretzels and jumping clowns. Some of these designs are shown on pieces made by the most important manufacturers in American textile history, such as Stehli Silks, Fuller Fabrics Inc. and M Lowenstein and Sons.

The value of Andy Warhol’s textile designs is undeniable because of their high artistic quality, but, in fact, its importance goes far beyond that. These works, frequently for demanding clients with short deadlines, enabled Warhol to develop his technical skills as an artist considerably, leaving little room for creativity.

Andy Warhol’s textiles aligned with new sustainable trends

In the 1950s and 1960s, when Warhol created his iconic designs, sustainability was not a popular concept – in fact, there was virtually no awareness of the issue. But times have changed: Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment and the impact their daily actions have on it.

Today, both global companies and individuals pay attention to countless details that have an impact on the environment when buying clothes: the origin of raw materials, energy, production systems and, of course, the packaging and display of garments.

Therefore, in the exhibition “Andy Warhol: The Textiles”, they have used Pasqual Arnella’s mannequins to show his textile patterns artworks printed on the garments, specifically the female bust Hekla Armless, the male hip Hip Classic, the female and male busts Pyrinees, the female bust Victoria, the long-neck heads, the child busts, and the female legs Valira.

All our mannequins are made with paper paste, using only recycled paper and water, and with environmentally friendly circular economy processes.

Once again, fashion and art come together in a project as iconic as it is sustainable, in which Pasqual Arnella has been delighted to participate, as it is 100% aligned with our philosophy.

Moreover, this type of projects that seek to combine art and sustainability are a growing trend. At Pasqual Arnella, we have previously collaborated with art and fashion exhibitions that wanted a more sustainable approach, such as the exhibition “Balenciaga. The elegance of the hat” or the exhibition “Emergency! Designs against COVID-19“, both in collaboration with the Barcelona Design Museum.

If you have the chance to see the “Andy Warhol: The Textiles” exhibition, don’t miss it! It will be open from 31 March to 10 September 2023 at the Fashion Textile Museum in London.

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